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Patents and Media

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US20200284876A1 - Self-learning, noise filtering of radar used for automotive applications

US11061226B2 - Control of electrochromic pixels

US20170120672A1 - Transformable Wheel

US20210086697A1 - Adaptable cargo system

US20210070230A1 - Method and system for securing an object


2015 - Transformable wheel robot with passive leg

2015 - Shape Optimization of 2D Compliant Links

2018 - Design of Reconfigurable Interior for Autonomous Vehicle


Hackaday - Robottermilk Pancakes

PC Mag - Engineer Creates a Desktop PC Case Made Out of Concrete

3D - 3D Printed Battlebot

The Verge - Alexa-enabled Coffee Pot

OSU - Mechanical Engineer Invents Transforming Wheel


While not my primary goal, occasionally going viral is one indirect measure of creativity

YouTube Views: 5,100,000

TikTok Views: 8,600,000

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