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Born in Salt Lake City, UT

Works in Warren, MI

Lives in Denver, CO


2017 The Ohio State University (B.S.)

2018 The Ohio State University (M.S.)

I am an Engineer, Inventor, and aspiring Artist. I have experience with Radar, VR/AR, and have been internationally recognized for contributions in robotics. My primary work is in Autonomous Vehicle and Active Safety Sensing. In this setting, I focus on robust systems engineering, data traceability, and risk mitigation. 

Outside of work, I do the projects you see here. Admittedly silly builds such as a Mushroom Robot or Concrete Computer maintain my creativity while teaching me new skills. Occasionally these projects go viral, and I use the resulting YouTube and TikTok ad revenue to fund more projects.

I also take on consulting projects, although I am currently very selective due to time constraints. I help people move from "fuzzy front end" to "prototype," and have a proven track record for converting novel ideas and concept sketches into functional prototypes for product evaluation.

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